Leopard Upgrade

Well, I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5. And I have to say I love it. For a person with limited memory capacity, I love the quick look feature. The upgrade went smooth except for one small glitch. First I used the excellent Carbon Copy Cloner to back a bootable backup of my entire hard drive. Then I made sure I could boot from it. Then I did an upgrade. This all went very smooth. The only problem was my keychain. I did not have any of my saved passwords. After a little trial and error, I realized that on the Leopard install, the keychain was login.keychain, and on my back up the keychain was wes.keychain. So I copied over the wes.keychain, and renamed it login.keychain. Ran keychain repair a couple of times and all was good. Now all my passwords were available and I did not have to retype everything.

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