Komodo Edit vs. Textwrangler

I have used Textwrangler on my Mac since the day it was released free. I really do like Textwrangler, but I have been using Komodo Edit for awhile now and I like it. There are a couple of reasons I am using Komodo edit over Textwrangler these days. 1) Auto complete, Komodo Edit has auto completion on the fly, unlike Textwrangler where you have to use an applescript. 2) Code folding, it’s nice to hide functions that I don’t need to see. These are the two big reasons I prefer Komodo Edit. The last reason is I can use it on my Mac and my work windows PC. The only downside to the program is it’s not a native application like Textwrangler, so it’s a tad slow. If Textwrangler ever gets code completion, I’ll be back.

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