Developing for WordPress on a Macintosh

I’m helping a local church redesign their website. Since they are not programmers I thought the best approach would be to use wordpress so they can easily update the site. To develop the site I wanted to use my mac and this is how I set it up. Download XAMPP and WordPress. Install XAMPP, just use the installer, it makes it simpler. XAMP installs into your Applications directory and this is the only place it can be installed.

XAMPP stores the web site in the htdoc folder, but I wanted my development sites in my Sites folder, so I had to do a little tweeking. You just need to use virtual hosts to point to you dev site. In the httpd.conf file change the DocumentRoot and the Directory  to “/Users/<your name>/Sites and uncomment the Virtual Hosts include. 

Open the httpd-vhosts.conf file and add the following:

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot “/Users/<your name>/Sites/wordpress”
ServerName <site name>.localhost

Now one last thing, you need to change your host file so you can access you site with <site name>.localhost. You’ll need to add something like this at the end of the file:

## Custom  <site name>.localhost

This makes it nice because wordpress like to be in the root directory. 

Copy the wordpress folder to you Sites folder and your ready to go!

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