Snow Leopard Install

I updated my MacBook Pro to Apple’s latest operating system Snow Leopard 10.6. This is how I did it and my install went fine.
First, check to make sure any programs that you need are compatible or have been updated to work with 10.6. The best place I have found was this wiki I had some software that was not compatible but for me, but the software was not that big of a deal and I could wait for updates.
The next thing I did was run a full maintenance on my computer using Maintenance. This clean a lot of stuff out and repaired any permissions.
After that I just rebooted to the install disk and followed the onscreen instructions. Everything was fine. I got back about 6GB of space.
I did have to uninstall the software for my HP AIO 2570 printer and add it using the Printers & Faxes, but everything works including scanning. Scanning directly from Preview is nice.
Well that’s how I did it and it worked for me.

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