Exclusive locks not supported error, when using FreeBSD in Vagrant.

This error drove me crazy for the longest time. I was using Vagrant, FreeBSD and Laravel for a project and laravel would not run because of where it stores the cache. It took awhile for me to find a good fix but it is fairly easy. In your  /etc/rc.conf file add two lines: rpc_lockd_enable=”YES” rpc_statd_enable=”YES” … More Exclusive locks not supported error, when using FreeBSD in Vagrant.

Apple Quick Tips

I was looking through the iTunes music store to see if there were any podcasts I might be interested in. I came across the Apple Quick Tips video podcast section. They are short videos focused on making you life with your Mac a little easier. Some you may already know, some maybe not. I subscribed … More Apple Quick Tips

iMovie 08

I have a Sony DCR-SR200 camcorder with a lot of home movies on it. I decided it was time to get the movies onto the computer to edit them and free up some space on the camcorders 40GB hard drive. Getting the movies into iMovie 08 is incredibly easy. Just launch iMovie and plug in the camcorder, … More iMovie 08

Leopard Upgrade

Well, I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5. And I have to say I love it. For a person with limited memory capacity, I love the quick look feature. The upgrade went smooth except for one small glitch. First I used the excellent Carbon Copy Cloner to back a bootable backup of my entire hard … More Leopard Upgrade